The old call it Rotkve based on its lyrics (Rotkve, rotkve, rotkve, na tavanu rotkve...), but at some places, it is called Hopa-cupa. A dance called Zaplet in Serbia and along the river Maros equals the Baranya dance, as the hold, and space formation is the same as in Kukunješće. Among its motifs, we find ones close to the original (danced mainly by the old) and new ones. It starts to the right, also moving to the right, like all the dances taken from the Serbs. Many verses are sung for its simple melody. A lot of these are identical with the original Serb version (e.g., Hopa, cupa, skoči, da ti vidim oči...).

It is widely spread among the Hungarian Croats and Serbs, similar to Kukunješće and Vranjanka (Srpsko kolo).



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