Trojanac, known in western Serbia, would not be recognized by those who meet it these days in Baranya. There a flutist used to play it; here, the melody played on the tamburica or harmonica got quicker, more ornamented and longer: today, the name Četvoranac would suit it (as Trojanac refers to the three repeated tunes and dance motifs). The rule of starting it to the right is not always applied, but the hold and the space formation are identical with the other Serb dances. The high-speed music is matched with a simply structured dance. Its essentials are the five “upbeat “ trembling steps. Two variations are known: symmetric and only to the left. Recently a new choreography came to life (with movements inward and outward, to the right and left and with raising the hands), but the old do not dance it. Good dancers are allowed to improvise instead of the trembles.

Its emergence is dated back to the 1930s. Baranya is the only place where it is danced in Hungary. Outside western Serbia, we can see it around the area of Šumadija, Pomoravlje, and Podrinje.



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